HANEDA AIRPORT PHOTO CONTEST 2021.12.17 --2022.1.27

This is the third official Photo Contest at Haneda Airport, and we will hold it again this year!

Not only full-scale works, but also "smartphone awards" for photos taken with smartphones. Please feel free to apply for the fascinating scenery and moving scenes of Haneda Airport that you have encountered so far.

  • Please note that the award-winning works may be used for PR such as advertisements at Haneda Airport.

Photo theme
"Attractive scenery of Haneda Airport"

The view from the Observation Deck of Haneda Airport and the characteristic scenery inside each terminal. Please submit photos that you find attractive here at Haneda Airport, such as the characteristic scenery taken around Haneda Airport.

  • When shooting, please be careful not to inconvenience other customers around you.

Shooting points

  • ★ Haneda Airport overlooks Tokyo Bay and Mt. Fuji, and the scenery weaving with the many Hikoki that come and go is one of the most spectacular spots in Tokyo!
  • ★ Haneda Innovation City, which will open in 2020, is a Recommended Spots where you can take pictures with a 180-degree panorama!
  • ★ The departure lobby and seasonal decorations of each terminal are also extraordinary.
  • ★ Make a difference with photos taken from inside the plane or on board!
  • ★ You can use items like Instagram for smartphone shooting ♪

We are looking forward to your submission of works that will remain in your heart.

Application period

Must arrive from (Fri), December 17 2021 to (Thu) January 27 2022

The shooting time of the submitted work is for those shot by the deadline. (Including works taken in the past))

Application conditions

Please be sure to check the following [Guidelines] and [Application Rules] and apply only if you agree. (See PDF)

  • Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the contents of this application guideline may be changed without notice.
  • You can also apply for the work you submitted last year. (Excluding winning works)

Application method

Apply by print (A4 size).

  • Mail only
  • Applications with various data, positives, and negative films are not possible.

Please attach the application sheet with the following items to the back of the work and send it. Please download the application sheet below and print it out.

  • Do not write directly on the back of the photo print, but fill out the application sheet and attach it with cellophane tape.
  • Works that do not have the specified application sheet attached will be invalid.
  • Please attach one application sheet for each work submitted. (Up to 5 points per person)


  • ★ ① Name
  • ★ ② Age (at the time of application)
  • ★ ③ Address
  • ★ ④ Phone number
  • ★ ⑤ Occupation
  • ★ ⑥ Title of work
  • ★ ⑦ Comments on the work (explanation of composition, situation at the time of shooting, etc.)
  • ★ ⑧ Shooting date Example) January 1 2010
  • ★ ⑨ Location * Specifically * Photos taken in restricted areas will be invalid.
    ⑩ Manufacturer and model of the camera used in the work
    ⑪ Manufacturer and model of the lens used in the work
    ⑫ Setting at the time of shooting ISO sensitivity or film used
    ⑬ Shutter speed and aperture during shooting
    ⑭ White balance setting / filter used during shooting
    ⑮ Correction method (Specifically describe the software and method used. If there is none, write "None")
  • ★ ⑯ Confirmation of consent to application terms
  • ★ ⑰ Free column Please tell us "I like this place at Haneda Airport" and "I'm addicted to Haneda Airport".

that's all

★ mark is a required item. Other than that, please fill in as much as you can understand.

<< Destination of submitted works >> * Mail only

〒144-0041 3-3-2 Haneda Airport, Ota-ku, Tokyo 1st Passenger Terminal Building

Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd. Public Relations and Brand Strategy Office

"Haneda Airport Official Photo Contest 2022" Section

Please apply for the smartphone award only by following the steps below on Instagram.

  • ① Follow "Haneda Airport Official Instagram"
  • (2) Please attach the following hashtag and the episode at the time of shooting to the work.
    "# Haneda Airport Official Photo Con 2022"
  • The application deadline is until 23:59 on January 27 2022 (Thursday).
  • Applications for the smartphone award are limited to photos taken with a smartphone, and photos taken with a single-lens reflex camera, etc. are not eligible for selection.
  • If your account is private, please change it to public before applying.
  • After selection, the winners will be contacted by DM from "Haneda Airport Official Instagram".
  • Please be careful not to enter personal information such as address, phone number, and email address in the comment field.
  • When winning a prize, the original image (high resolution) at the time of shooting is required. After applying, please keep it without deleting it.

Number of applications

Up to 5 points per person. Up to 2 smartphone awards.

Each award

  • Grand Prize 1 person JTB travel ticket 50,000 yen
  • Excellence Award 2 people Gift certificate in the hall 10,000 yen
  • Special prize 5 people Gift certificate in the hall 5,000 yen
  • Archive prize 1 person Gift certificate in the hall 5,000 yen
  • Luke Ozawa Award 1 person Gift certificate in the hall 5,000 yen
  • Charlie Kojo Award 1 person Gift certificate in the hall 5,000 yen
  • Terminal prize 2 people Gift certificate in the hall 5,000 yen
  • Junior prize 1 person Gift certificate in the hall 5,000 yen
  • Smartphone prize 2 people Gift certificate in the hall 5,000 yen
16 people in total

In addition, all the winners will receive original goods such as the original novelty item "chopstick rest".

Original novelty hikoki type &quot;chopstick rest&quot;

Announcement of award-winning works

Mid-March 2022 (planned)

  • It will be announced on the Haneda Airport official website. At the time of announcement, we will post your name and prefecture where you live.
  • The announcement will be announced on the official website and SNS.

Judge introduction

Aerial photographer Luke Ozawa

Aerial photographer Luke Ozawa

Has a reputation for creating pictures that synchronize landscapes and landscapes, and is widely used in various media and talk events. The calendars I have worked on so far are 300 works including ANA.

Aerial photographer Charlie Furusho

Aerial photographer Charlie Furusho

A photographer specializing in airliners, serving as an official photographer for many airlines in Japan and overseas, and has experience shooting in over 100 countries. He has authored more than 30 books and books. Lecturer at Canon EOS Academy.

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Shooting advice from the judges!