"HANEDA GLOBAL WINGS" means that "HANEDA" is the land of "Haneda" whose name is roaring around the world, and "GLOBAL" means that we will develop initiatives for the world as well as domestically. In "WINGS", "Zone 1", which is close to Haneda Airport and the city area, and "Zone 2", which is directly connected to the international flight area, are regarded as both wings, and it is expressed as an area that promotes "fluttering town development for the future". It has been.

At "HANEDA INNOVATION CITY" in "Zone 1", which constitutes "HANEDA GLOBAL WINGS", leading-edge companies in the fields of health care, robotics and mobility are concentrated, and an event hall that can accommodate up to about 3,000 people is advanced and cultural. In "HANEDA AIRPORT GARDEN", which is the base for transmitting industry, there is a 1,717-room hotel directly connected to the international terminal, about 90 commercial facilities that condense the charm of Japan, and a complex facility consisting of natural hot springs. It has been (opening date undecided). In addition, along the Tama River in "Zone 2", as a hydrophilic green space "Soramunade Haneda Green Space", there are "observation terrace", "rest facility", and "walking path" where you can overlook the surroundings, and you can relax in the waterside space. And the bustle is created.


What is "HANEDA INNOVATION CITY"? "HANEDA INNOVATION CITY", which is directly connected to "Tenkubashi" station, which is one station from Haneda Airport Terminal 3, is a large-scale complex facility with a site area of 5.9 ha and a total floor area of over 130,000 m². is.

With "advanced" and "culture" as the two core industries of the town, it is a place where you can meet new future-oriented experiences and values that include many characteristic functions such as commerce and office.
As a world-leading international industrial base, we are providing innovation to all the people who gather in this town, with a variety of Japanese culture as a transmission base.



A large-scale complex facility with the desire to create a "city where people gather and lively".

HANEDA AIRPORT GARDEN is directly connected to the international terminal, which has the hospitality and functionality suitable for hub airports around the world, as an accommodation function that meets the diverse needs of Haneda Airport as a 24-hour international airport. Approximately 2,000 overlooking Haneda Airport's largest MICE-compatible event hall / conference room and Mt. Fuji / airplane at approximately 2,400 m², centered on two hotels of different grades that will be airport hotels with a maximum of * 1,717 rooms A complex with a m² direct connection to Japan's first airport, a natural hot spring, a bus terminal that secures routes to local cities and tourist destinations that have never existed, and a commercial facility consisting of a diverse lineup of 90 stores suitable for the gateway to Japan. It will be a development project.

  • The number of rooms at airport premises hotels in Japan is the largest in Japan, with 1,717 rooms in this plan. (Our research January 2019)
Appearance Tama River noon
Shared Grand Foyer
Hot bath open-air

Access information

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Directly connected to Keihin Electric Express Railway Airport Line / Tokyo Monorail "Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station", 1 minute walk
Directly connected from Haneda Airport Terminal 3 2F