Lost Property

Q01I forgot something inside the terminal and would like to know who to contact.


If you lost something at the airport, your first point of contact depends on where you lost your item. See below for more information.
Lost and Found

Regarding Flights

Q01I want to know Flights times.


Please refer to Domestic Flights and International Flights for flight times.
Domestic Flights
International flights

Q02I want to check seat availability and prices.


Please check with your airline.
List of Airlines

Q03Can I change or confirm my flight reservation by calling the airport general information?


For flight reservation changes or confirmations, please contact your intended airline directly (they cannot be confirmed through general information services).

Q04Terminal information


Please check the terminal by clicking on the "Terminal" icon at the bottom right of the screen.
For domestic flights, there are Terminals Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, and for international flights, there are Terminals Terminal 2 and Terminal 3.
Please note that the terminal differs depending on Flights you use.

Q05Which terminal should I take my Flights to?


Generally, the airlines operating at each terminal are as follows:

  • Terminal 1 (domestic flights only): 
    Japan Airlines, Skymark Airlines, StarFlyer, Japan Transocean Air
  • Terminal 2
    • Domestic flights: ANA, AIRDO, Solaseed Air
    • International flights: ANA
  • Terminal 3 (international flights only): 
    There are many airlines, so please check the list of international airlines for details.
    List of Airlines
  • Please note that in the case of codeshare flights, the airlines may differ from the above. For more information, please check the flight details or visit the airline's website, and refer to your reservation information.
    Domestic Flights
    International Flights

Q06Regarding liquids brought on board

Restrictions on liquids that can be brought into the aircraft are different on domestic and international flights.
  • When bringing liquids into the aircraft on domestic flights
    Liquid drinks can be brought on-board. Lotions and cosmetic liquids can also be brought on-board, but the capacity per container must not exceed 500ml or 0.5kg, and the total carry-on amount per person is limited to 2 liters or 2kg.
  • When bringing liquids into the aircraft on international flights
    Any liquids in containers larger than 100ml or 100g are prohibited from being carried on-board. Liquids in containers of up to 100ml or 100g can be brought on-board in a transparent, resealable plastic bag not exceeding a capacity of 1 liter. There is a limit of 1 plastic bag per person, and items must fit in the bag completely. There are some exceptions such as dangerous goods, so please ask your airline for details.
  • When there is a connecting flight
    Please note that the rules of the connecting country apply to the handling of liquids including duty-free items. Please ask your airline for details regarding which country's rules apply, etc.

About bringing liquids
List of Airlines

Q07About dangerous goods


Airlines carry out security inspections in accordance with the standards of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
Handling of check-in luggage and carry-on baggage varies depending on the item and amount. Please ask your airline for details on dangerous goods.
List of Airlines

Q08About Check-in luggage rules


The rules for check-in luggage vary depending on the airline, so please check with your airline.
List of Airlines

Q09Do I need to collect my checked baggage when transiting?


The procedures for handling checked baggage during layover vary depending on the airline, regardless of whether it is a domestic or international flight. Please inquire with your intended airline for specific information.

Q10About security check


Passengers on departure flights are asked to cooperate with security checks as measures to ensure the security of flights.
The security check process is different on domestic and international flights. Please check here for details.
Domestic Flights
International Flights

Q11Regarding export/import products

  • Exported goods
    Requirements vary depending on the destination. For details, please contact the relevant customs house or embassy, etc. of the relevant country/region.
  • Imported goods
    Contact details for inquiries regarding goods imported to Japan vary depending on the item. Please contact the relevant organization listed below.

Q13Regarding flight routes and noise


The competent authorities are responsible for operating flightpath and noise countermeasures. Please click here for contact details.
HANEDA AIRPORT FOR TOMORROW -Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismHANEDA AIRPORT FOR TOMORROW Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Regarding shops

Q01I want to buy souvenirs


For more detailed information on each store, please see “Restaurants & Shops” on this site. Please see “HANEDA Shopping” for product information.
Restaurants & Shops
HANEDA Shopping

Q02Meals and shopping after departure procedures (for customers using international flights)


Please check “Store Details” for detailed information on each store.
Restaurant Search
Shop Search

Q03Information on stores open 24 hours a day


Please check “Store Details” for detailed information on each store.
Restaurant Search
Shop Search
Duty-free Shop Search

Q04I want to know which stores accept shopping and gourmet coupons.


Please see the list of participating stores below.
Stores where shopping & gourmet coupons can be used (PDF: 131 KB)

Regarding facility use

Q01I want to know about opening hours.


Regarding the domestic areas of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, the general opening hours are from 5:00 AM to 12:00 AM.
However, the departure lobby closes after the last departure, and the arrival lobby closes after the last arrival.

The international area of Terminal 2 opens from 5:00 AM to 12:00 AM.

Terminal 3 is open 24 hours.

  • Please note that the opening hours may vary depending on the situation.

Q02I will be taking an early morning or late night flight.Can I stay at the terminal overnight?


For domestic areas in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, they are closed at 12:00 AM (Departure lobby after the last departure, Arrival lobby after the last arrival), and after closing, it is generally not possible to stay in the lobby.
As for Terminal 3, it is open 24 hours, but according to the usage rules, only those who have used or are planning to use international flights can stay inside the terminal overnight.

Q03I want to know an easy-to-find Meeting Places


Please see “Meeting Places” on this site.
Meeting Places

Q04When can I reserve Parking?
Can I make a reservation by phone?


At Haneda Airport, it is possible to make a reservation for the parking lot in advance.
However, please note that reservations cannot be made over the phone.

Moreover, the reservation start time varies depending on the parking lot. 
Except for the simultaneous reservation period, reservations start 30 days before the date of use (entry), either at 12:00 AM or 10:00 AM. (Please note that P1 parking lot does not accept reservations.)

For more details, please refer to the Q&A page of each reservation site or contact the respective parking lot management office directly.

P2 reservation page
P3 reservation page
P4 reservation page
P5 reservation page

Q05Which notebooks are eligible for the discount for disabled people in Parking?
Also, does the grade matter?


The eligible identification documents are as follows:

  • Physical Disability Certificate
  • Mental Disability Health and Welfare Certificate
  • War Wounded Certificate
  • Atomic Bomb Survivor Health Handbook
  • Specific Disease Medical Care Recipient Certificate
  • Specific Medical Expense (Specified Intractable Disease) Recipient Certificate
  • Pediatric Chronic Specific Disease Medical Care Recipient Certificate, etc.

There are no restrictions based on the disability grade, whether it is Grade 1 or Grade 2.

Please refer to the provided information for the procedure when using the parking lot.


Q06Please tell me the specific usage fee for Parking.


For the specific parking rates, please refer to the following.


Q07I lost my parking ticket. Can I have it reissued?
Please let me know if there is any way to deal with this.


If you have lost your parking ticket, please visit the management office of the respective parking lot (located on the 1st floor of each parking lot) when you leave. We will verify your driver's license and reissue the parking ticket for you.

P5 reservation page

Q08The Parking is fully booked, but will I be able to park without making a reservation?


Please check the real-time congestion status of each parking lot (P1 to P5) at the following page.
For the latest parking status and congestion forecast, please contact the management office of each parking lot, as mentioned on the above page, 


Q09How do I get to Observation Deck?


The rooftop Observation Deck can be accessed from the 6th floor of Terminal 1 and from the 5th floor of Terminals 2 and 3. The opening times of the Observation Deck vary depending on the terminal.
Terminals 1 and 2: open 6:30-22:00
Terminal 3: open 24 hours a day
Please note that the Observation Deck may be closed in case of bad weather.
Please see “Observation Deck” for details.

Observation Deck

Q10Is there a nursing room in the building?


Terminal 1 has 14 locations, Terminal 2 has 12 locations, and Terminal 3 has 19 locations.
Please visit “Baby Nurseries” on this website. For further details, please ask at an Information Counter.
If you have any questions, please contact Haneda Airport Terminal Information (03-5757-8111).
Domestic Opening Hours: 5:00-25:00
International Opening Hours: 24 hours a day
Baby Nurseries
Information Counter

Q11Are there any microwaves for heating up baby food?


We have microwaves available in some of the nursing rooms and baby rooms at each terminal for warming up baby food, etc. For more details, please refer to the "Baby Room" and "BABY&KIDS GUIDE" pages.

Baby Nurseries
Babies & Kids’ Guide - Let’s play at Haneda!

Q12Are there kids toilets or auxiliary toilet seats for children?


There are nursing rooms and facilities inside the women's restrooms in each terminal. For more details, please refer to the "BABY & KIDS GUIDE."

Babies & Kids’ Guide - Let’s play at Haneda!

Q13About animals entering the passenger terminal


Airport management rules established by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism dictate that accompaniment by an animal is not possible in passenger terminals, except in the case of assistance dogs for persons with disabilities (seeing, hearing and service assistance dogs).
In the event you would like to check your pet as baggage with your airline, we ask that you keep them in a kennel/cage and check them in at the check-in counter.

Q14About pet hotels


Your precious pets can stay at pet hotels. For details, please see “Pet Care”.
Pet Care

Q15Are there any pet toilets or a dog run?


There is no dedicated toilet for pets (excluding service dogs), but pets of general customers can also use the service dog toilet on the first floor side of the P4 Parking.
The dog run is not open to the public, but it is located in the "Pet Hotel" on the 1st floor of the P4 Parking.
See below for details.
Haneda Airport Pet Hotel

Q16Where can I smoke cigarettes (including heat-not-burn type and electronic cigarettes) in the terminal?


For tobacco use (including heated cigarettes and e-cigarettes, etc.), please use the smoking areas located within the terminal. For further details, see “Smoking Areas”.
Smoking Areas

Q17How to move between terminals


For details, see “Access” > “Going Between Terminals”.
Going Between Terminals

Q18Where is the post office or Money Exchange?


For details, please see “Service Guide” > “Money Exchange” or “Mail / Post box”.
Money Exchange
Mail / Post box

Q19About postboxes


Mailboxes for each terminal can be found in the following locations. For details, please see “Mail / Post box”.
Mail / Post box

Q20Where are banks and ATMs?


For details, please see “Bank / ATM”.
Bank / ATM

Q21About temporary baggage storage


Please use the baggage storage facilities or coin lockers located in the terminal.
Baggage Storage
Coin Lockers

Q22AboutHome Delivery service


There is a home delivery counter in each terminal.
For details, see “Home Delivery”.
Home Delivery

Q23Isthere a Home Delivery service that can ship overseas?


You can send packages overseas at the post office on the first floor of Terminal 1. Contact the post office for more information.
Mail / Post Box
Haneda Airport Post Office

Q24Isthere a same-day baggage Home Delivery service from the airport to the hotel?


Yes, please inquire at the following delivery companies. Note that the hotels to which baggage can be delivered depend on the delivery company. 
Terminal 1 1F

  • Yamato Transport
  • JAL Baggage Information Counter

Terminal 2 1F

  • Yamato Transport

Home Delivery
Baggage Storage

Q25About accommodation


For details, please refer to “Hotel” or “Hotel Reservation”. Information is also provided in “Hotel Reservation Information By Area”.
Hotel Reservation
Hotel Reservation Information By Area

Q26About transit hotel


The Transit Hotel can be used when making international flight connections.
You can access the Transit Hotel entrance from the escalator or elevator opposite TOKYO SKY KITCHEN near Gate 114 on the 3rd floor of the Terminal 3 Airside Area.

  • Transit Hotel
    Airside Area 3rd floor, near gate 114
    View Map


Q27Use of Lounges


For information on lounges (card company partnerships; fees apply) and airline lounges, please see “Lounge (Fees Apply)” and “Airline Lounges”.
Please contact the relevant airline or card company for terms of use.
Lounge (Fees Apply)
Airline Lounges

Q28CanI use Lounge (Fees Apply) without a partner card?


You can use the following pay-per-use lounges without a partner card. Please pay by cash or credit card at the lounge reception.

  • Pay-per-use lounges in the Domestic Flights area of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2

Please refer to "Lounge (Fees Apply)" for details such as fees.
Lounge (Fees Apply)

Q29CanI use Lounge (Fees Apply) upon arrival?
Can people who are not boarding use it?


The pay-per-use lounges in the Domestic Flights area of Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 are available to anyone upon payment of the fee at the reception desk, regardless of the purpose of your visit to the airport.

  • Partner cardholders will be charged a fee if they are not departing or arriving on the day of use.

The pay-per-use and credit card lounges in the Terminal 2 International Flights Area and Terminal 3 can only be used by departing passengers.
Lounge (Fees Apply)

Q30CanI use Lounge (Fees Apply) for free with my credit card?


Passengers with a boarding pass for the day or a partner card can use the pay-per-use lounges for free. Below is the link to a list of partner companies. Contact your credit card company to learn if your card is eligible for the services.
Affiliated credit cards for Lounge (Fees Apply) (PDF: 462 KB)

Q31It seems that food cannot be brought into Lounge (Fees Apply), but will food and drinks be sold?


Snacks can be purchased inside the pay-per-use lounges.

Q32CanI have a web conference in Lounge (Fees Apply)?


Please refrain from making calls or joining online meetings using computers and smartphones at the pay-per-use lounges. Please also kindly refrain from making conference calls.

Q33Cancompanions use Lounge (Fees Apply)?


Some American Express and EPOS Platinum cardholders and up to one guest can use the pay-per-use lounges free of charge.

Q34Is there a place where I can hold a web conference?


Please see "Private work cubicles" and "Rental Office".
Private work cubicles
Rental Office

Q35IsIs it possible to visit inside the terminal?


You are free to visit the general areas within the terminal during opening hours (areas accessible to anyone). Please be considerate not to disturb other customers. However, tours inside the gate areas and guided explanations or assistance by staff are generally not provided.

Regarding access

Q01What is the transportation Access to Haneda Airport?


For details, please see “Go to Haneda”.
Go to Haneda

Q02I would like to know the first and last time of the monorail.


Please visit the Tokyo Monorail site.
Timetable from Tokyo Monorail Hamamatsucho Station to Haneda Airport Station
[Weekday] Timetable
[Saturday / Holiday] Timetable
Timetable from Monorail Hamamatsucho Station to Haneda Airport
Haneda Airport Terminal 1 Station
[Weekday] Timetable
[Saturday / Holiday] Timetable
Haneda Airport Terminal 2 Station
[Weekday] Timetable
[Saturday / Holiday] Timetable
Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station
[Weekday] Timetable
[Saturday / Holiday] Timetable

See the Tokyo Monorail site for details.
Inquiry phone number ( Tokyo Monorail Customer Center 050-2016-1640 )
You can also search on Access Route Search HND Route Master.
Tokyo Monorail
T1 departure / arrival T1 departure / arrival T1 departure / arrival T1 departure / arrival T1 departure / arrival
T1 departure / arrival T2 departure / arrival T2 departure / arrival T2 departure / arrival T2 departure / arrival
T3 departure / arrival T3 departure / arrival T3 departure / arrival T3 departure / arrival T3 departure / arrival

Q03I would like to know the times of the first and last trains on Keikyu Line.


Please visit the Keikyu Corporation website.
Timetable from Shinagawa Station to Uraga
[Weekday] Timetable
[Saturday] Timetable
[Holiday] Timetable
Timetable from Yokohama Station to Sengakuji
[Weekday] Timetable
[Saturday] Timetable
[Holiday] Timetable
Timetable from Haneda Airport Terminal 1 & 2 Station to Keikyu Kamata
[Weekday] Timetable
[Saturday] Timetable
[Holiday] Timetable
Timetable from Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station to Keikyu Kamata
[Weekday] Timetable
[Saturday] Timetable
[Holiday] Timetable

For details, see Keikyu Corporation's site and Haneda Airport Access Guide.
Inquiry phone number (​ ​Keikyu Information Center 03-5789-8686​ ​)
You can also search on Access Route Search HND Route Master.
Keikyu Corporation
Haneda Airport Access Guide
T1 departure / arrival​ ​ T1 departure / arrival​ ​ T1 departure / arrival​ ​ T1 departure / arrival​ ​ T1 departure / arrival
T2 departure / arrival​ ​ T2 departure / arrival​ ​ T2 departure / arrival​ ​ T2 departure / arrival​ ​ T2 departure / arrival
T3 departure / arrival​ ​ T3 departure / arrival​ ​ T3 departure / arrival​ ​ T3 departure / arrival​ ​ T3 departure / arrival

Q04I want to know the first and last time of the bus.


The operating bus company differs depending on the destination. Please confirm the bus time from the homepage of each bus company.
You can also check with Search transportation route on Haneda Route Master.
Tokyo Airport Transportation
Keihin Electric Express Bus
T1 departure / arrival​ ​ T1 departure / arrival​ ​ T1 departure / arrival​ ​ T1 departure / arrival​ ​ T1 departure / arrival
T2 departure / arrival​ ​ T2 departure / arrival​ ​ T2 departure / arrival​ ​ T2 departure / arrival​ ​ T2 departure / arrival
T3 departure / arrival​ ​ T3 departure / arrival​ ​ T3 departure / arrival​ ​ T3 departure / arrival​ ​ T3 departure / arrival

Q05Where are the stops for each transportation?


For details, please refer to the access information given in “Train & Monorail”, “Express Bus & Route Bus” and “Taxi”.
Train & Monorail
Express Bus & Route Bus

Other Questions

Q01About services for customers who require assistance


We're working towards making a kinder terminal that all customers can feel at ease using based on the principles of Universal Design.
For customers requiring special assistance, please ask at the nearest Information Counter or speak to the nearest concierge.

Information Desk

  • Haneda Airport Terminal Information
  • Phone: 03-5757-8111
  • Fax:​ ​03-6428-0889
  • Reception hours: 24 hours a day (7 days a week)

Q02I would like to rent a wheelchair at the airport. Please tell me how to make a reservation.


If you are departing from Haneda Airport, our Airport Concierge can help you rent wheelchairs and provide special assistance services. Contact Haneda Airport Terminal Information in advance so we can bring your wheelchair to the desired location within the airport.
To learn more about the service and make reservations for special assistance services, contact Haneda Airport Terminal Information.
Information Center - General Information
Phone Number : 03-5757-8111 (Open all year round / 5:00-24:00)

Contact your airline to ask for special assistance with getting from inside the cabin to baggage claim and/or the station upon on your arrival at Haneda Airport.
All airlines offer special assistance services to meet the needs of passengers. Contact the airline you are flying with for details.
Customers Who Require Special Assistance - Support from Airlines & Transportation Companies
Special Assistance Reservation

Q03Can I freely use the rental wheelchairs in the library?


Yes, you can use the wheelchairs. Please help yourself.

Q04What is the range in which rental wheelchairs can be used?
Can I use it to get to Parking or inside the train station?


When departing, you can use the wheelchairs up until you are inside the aircraft cabin.
When arriving, you can use the wheelchairs to get from inside the cabin to the baggage claim, terminal station, or parking lot.
Wheelchairs cannot be used inside the terminal station. If you wish to use wheelchairs, contact the train station staff.

Q05Is there a rental service for wheelchairs and strollers that can be used outside the airport?


There is no wheelchair/stroller rental service that allows use outside of the airport.
Rental strollers are available at the stroller rental service station Babycal located next to the ticketing machine at the North Exit of Tokyo Monorail’s Haneda Airport Terminal 1 Station. Visit the website below for more information. (The Babycal rental station is located on the Tokyo Monorail station premises)"

Q06What types of strollers are available for rental and what age range can they be used?
What age is the rental stroller suitable for?


There are two types, forward-facing, and rear-facing. The back can be reclined on both types.

  • The stroller seat does not recline to a completely flat position.

The suggested ages are as follows.

  • Rear-facing: From two months to four years old (48 months)
  • Front-facing: From four months to three years old (36 months)

Q07Please tell me the scope of Special assistance.


Please go to the airline counter when departing and from the arrival exit when arriving.
Special Assistance Reservation
If you require assistance from the check-in counter to the aircraft, or from the aircraft to the arrival exit, please contact your airline.
Customers Who Require Special Assistance- support from airlines and transportation companies

Q08Why is it written as "person with a disability"?


We use "障害者" on this website to refer to people with disabilities.
This is as it is sometimes the case that screen readers (software used by people with visual impairments to read on-screen text) mistakenly read out the term "障がい者" (shogaisha) as "sawarigaisha."

Q09About pasting links to this site


Please see this site's Privacy Policy.
You can freely link to this website in principle, but please set the link destination URL on the top page of this website (https://tokyo-haneda.com/) I will.
Privacy Policy

Q10Can I quote the contents of Website?


Please contact the Public Relations and Branding Strategy Department with the purpose of the quotation and the relevant URL of the webpage.

Public Relations and Brand Strategy Department

Q11Can I upload photos I personally took inside Haneda Airport to SNS?


You are welcome to post images and videos taken personally within the terminal, such as souvenir photos during your journey, to your social media accounts.
If you plan to monetize the content or engage in live streaming on social media, please apply to our company for approval at least 3 business days prior to the date of shooting.

Recording video in Terminals 1 and 2 (general customers)

Q12What should I do if a corporation wants to interview?


Please refer to Haneda Airport's media coverage guidelines.

Haneda Airport Coverage Regulations

Q13How can I start trading (products, opening a store) at Haneda Airport?


Currently, we do not have a dedicated department for store opening requests. Please note that we will not be able to respond if you contact our customer service inquiry desk. 
For business transaction inquiries related to products, please directly contact individual stores or businesses within the airport premises.Furthermore, please refer here for inquiries regarding advertising matters.

For advertising inquiries, please click here.
Advertising Inquiries

Q14I would like to request a call inside the building.


Please contact Haneda Airport General Information (03-5757-8111) or ask directly at an information counter.

Q15About tax refund (TAX REFUND)


There is no counter for tax refunds at Haneda Airport. However, you can purchase items at duty-free prices at duty-free shops.
Please present your passport and purchase slip at the customs counter before departure.
(Purchase slips will be collected at customs.)

Q16Inquiries regarding entry/exit/tax exemption/visa


Please contact the relevant counter listed below.

  • Immigration control
    Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau, Haneda Airport District Immigration Office
    Phone:​ ​03-5708-3202
    Lines open weekdays 9:00-17:45
    List of Airlines
  • Scope of duty exemption
    Tokyo Customs, Haneda Branch Customs
    Phone:​ ​03-3529-0700
    Lines open weekdays 8:30-17:00
  • Visas
    Please contact the embassy of the relevant country.
  • Temporary entry conditions when connecting
    Depends on nationality and itinerary.
    Please contact Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau, Haneda Airport District Immigration Office and the relevant airlines.
    List of Airlines

Q17Can I have a celebrity or entertainer waiting at Haneda Airport?


Fan gatherings or greetings for celebrities and entertainers (e.g., send-offs) are not allowed at Haneda Airport.
Such events often lead to significant disruptions during the movement of sports and entertainment figures, resulting in numerous complaints from regular passengers and concerns from related parties about safety. We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Q18About eligible simple invoices for domestic/international Passenger Service Facilities Charge (PSFC)