Transportation available to customers arriving from overseas

To prevent the spread of the new corona virus infection, those who return or enter from all areas should use public transportation (Train & Monorail, bus, Taxi, aircraft (domestic flights) as a means of transportation from the airport to their homes, hotels, and other waiting areas. ) Etc. are strongly required not to be used.
*Free Shuttle Bus between terminals" cannot be used as it is a public transportation system.

Access that can be used by those returning or entering Japan from overseas]

● Bus for immigrants
("Immigration Bus" from the airport to your hotel)

This is a private bus for those who enter Japan from Haneda Airport to move to the hotel where they are staying. It cannot be used by other people or those who do not stay at the hotel to which the private bus is destined.
In addition, you need to make a reservation from the following page to use it.
● Rent-A-Car
Information on Rent-A-Car that can be used from Haneda Airport Terminal 3
* Click the company name to go to each company's site.
Rent-A-Car company business hours Phone Number
Toyota Rent-A-Car 8:00~20:00 03-3744-0100
Nippon Rent-A-Car 7:00~22:00 03-3745-1190
Nissan Rent-A-Car 8:00~20:00 03-5705-3823
Orix Rent-A-Car 8:00~20:00 03-5708-7471
Times car 9:00~18:00 03-3745-2822

Rent-A-Car general reception counter is located in the Arrival Lobby on the 2nd floor of the hotel.
Rent-A-Car counter map
● Hire

You can use it to move from the airport to your home (or accommodation) at the waiting area.
* Click the business company name to go to each company's site.

Business name Phone Number Business name phone number
FIT Japn Co., Ltd. 03-5879-7105 Tokyo MK Co., Ltd. 03-5547-5557
Hinomaru Limousine Co., Ltd. 03-3215-0818 WORLD CABIN Co., Ltd. 03-6273-9030
Matsuzaki Transportation Co., Ltd. 03-5878-1262 Kasumi Toraffic Co., Ltd. 03-6657-6100
Siige Transportation Co., Ltd. 03-5534-6186 Heisei Enterprise Co., Ltd. 048-487-9090
Kaishin Transportation Co., Ltd. 03-3967-7001 Chitatsu Co., Ltd. 03-5647-1053
AXIS Co., Ltd. 03-5747-5746 Peace Tourism Co., Ltd. 0120-121-206
Autec Co., Ltd. 03-6880-1290 Japan Land Service Co., Ltd.
(Operating: KISSHO Limousine Co., Ltd.)
Precious Japan Co., Ltd. 03-3519-8688 Alphadia Co., Ltd. 03-6423-8525
㈲ AS International Hire 03-5856-7486 Genet Co., Ltd. 03-5647-8520
IKEDA Corporation 03-5856-7738 Professional Drivers Co., Ltd. 03-5964-5662
CLASSY JAPAN Co., Ltd. 03-5654-6223 SK Limo Co., Ltd. 03-6666-0601
Japan Limousine Service Co., Ltd.  03-5927-9325 LCA Co., Ltd. 03-5809-5677
Asuka Motor Co., Ltd. 03-6685-3277 Tenma International Co., Ltd. 03-6424-5868
Ivy Eslim Gin Co., Ltd. 03-6264-5288 Teika International Co., Ltd. 03-5879-2772
Chuan International Co., Ltd. 03-5879-9869 Keihin Higher Co., Ltd. 03-5755-9981
ENRICH Limousine Co., Ltd. 03-6404-9616 Huashin Co., Ltd. 03-6908-0966
AP World Co., Ltd. 03-6228-3021 Kinoko Transportation Co., Ltd. 03-6423-9686
JCK Co., Ltd. 03-5678-8098 Z Co., Ltd. 050-3733-7446
Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd. 03-3452-5931 MIO Co., Ltd. 03-5809-4890 
Kokusai Motor Co., Ltd. 03-5530-6001 Heisei Limousine Co., Ltd. 03-6226-1030
Tanzawa Kotsu Co., Ltd. 03-6457-2929 THE LUXURY FLEET Co., Ltd. 03-6822-8772
Too Transportation Co., Ltd. 03-5876-5316  Hoshimaru Sangyo Co., Ltd. 03-5879-3778
GT Co., Ltd. 080-5383-5258 City Cab Co., Ltd. 03-6638-8354
J.C. Fuji Co., Ltd. 03-6324-2839    

You can also check hire companies other than the above.
* Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website

We ask for your cooperation in preventing the spread of coronavirus infection.